Rules of concern to citizens

  • In order to obtain a visa for a Russian citizen or a foreigner residing in the Russian Federation permanently or from a legal entity, the final decision to grant the visa must be made by the Embassy of the Russian Federation and the Russian Immigration and Passports Department.
  • Upon entry into Russian territory, the visitor is granted access to the border ports Migration card (Attachment Form).
    • In case of loss or damage of Immigration card , The visitor must, and within 3 days, inform the nearest branch of the federal immigration agency, where the visitor is granted a free alternative card by submitting the document in which the Russian territory was entered. 
    • Upon leaving the country, the visitor must hand over the immigration card to the border crossing officer at the border crossing point of the international border of the Russian Federation. 
  • If the stay on Russian territory exceeds 7 days, the visitor must register with the Russian authorities. After registration, a document must be obtained and must be submitted to the public security at the airport upon leaving the country, otherwise the visitor will be held legally accountable.
  • If the visitor has a cash amount (less than $ 10,000) or the equivalent in any other currency when arriving at the airport, there is no need to register it, but if the amount is more than $ 10 thousand, it must be registered so that the visitor is granted the money when leaving.
  • If the visitor has more than $ 10,000 on departure (and is not registered upon entering the country), he / she must indicate the source of this amount by means of official documents to be able to leave.
  • Foreigners have the right of movement within the Russian Federation, with the exception of areas, institutions and sites where a foreigner is not allowed to visit without special permission under the law.
  • A foreign national who has a temporary residence may not change his place of residence within the entity (republic, province, territory etc.) in which he/ she has received permission to reside temporarily, and he/ she is not entitled to change the place of residence outside the said entity.


Migration card form

نموذج بطاقة الهجرة

Airport Entrance Seal Form (in Russian)

نموذج ختم  دخول المطار (باللغة الروسية)

The registration form in the Department of Immigration and Passports (in Russian)

نموذج بطاقة التسجيل في إدارة الهجرة والجوازات (النموذج باللغة الروسية)