Yes, Qatari nationals must obtain a visa from the nearest Embassy of the Russian Federation, excluding  Diplomatic passport holders, they do not need a visa, knowing that Qatari citizens crossing the free crossing point in Vladivostok can get Electronic Visa Valid for 30 days stay for 8 days, starting from 1 August 2017.

Yes, you need a transit visa if you want to leave the transit area at the airport. You must apply for a transit visa from the Russian consulate and bring your tickets to and from Russia. The visa is only valid for 72 hours. 

Procedures for obtaining a visa from the Russian Embassy takes from 1 to 3 working days or 4 to 20 working days and there are urgent visas issued outside the working hours and holidays. Each case has its own fees (attached table of types of visas and fees).

You should submit the following::

  • a tourist or commercial invitation or any other type of invitations authenticated and approved by Russian government agencies;
  • ·valid passport for at least six months;
  • 3 pictures (3x4)cm;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Visa fees;
  • An HIV testing certificate is needed if the visa is multi-travel visa.

No, the tourist visa is valid for one trip and can not be extended, except in case of emergency:

  • delayed flight - exposure to an accident - severe illness;
  • No seats on the plane on the date of return mentioned in the ticket.

Note : Documents must be submitted proving the necessity of extending the visa.

You can not extend the commercial visa after expiry while you are in Russian territory, so you must leave the country and obtain a new visa from the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

You can get a ticket by the mission. Service procedures:

  • The mission will address the Directorate of Nationality and Travel Documents at the Ministry To obtain approval for the issuance of the ticket;
  • approval period of 3 months;
  • the validity of the passing ticket is one month from its date;
  • ​ Valid for one trip and for Qatar only.


Conditions and requirements :

1 - A copy of the passport or identity card of the parents indicating the ID number.

2 - A copy of the birth certificate certified by the official authorities and the mission.

3 - Number of (2) personal pictures of the child.


If you lose your passport, you should immediately go to the nearest police station to report and obtain proof of loss of passport (a notification from the police department confirming that you have lost your passport), then contact the Embassy of Qatar in Moscow to get a ticket to return home.

  • Procedures for obtaining a ticket:
  • 1-The mission will immediately address the Department of Nationality and Travel Documents at the Ministry, the ticket will be issued and a approval reference will be written after receiving the response.

    2 - The validity of the ticket is three months from the date.

    3 - Valid for one trip to Qatar only.

  • Conditions and requirements :
  • 1. Reporting on the loss of a passport abroad from the nearest police station in the country of residence.

    2 - A copy of the passport or ID card stating the personal number.

    3 - Number of (2) personal pictures of the child.

  • Service charges :
  • (50) QR = (14$)

If you have a health problem, you should immediately call the emergency and the mission so that they can assist in taking the necessary action in such cases.

Medical services are good and available. The cost of medical examinations in the clinics is between $ 75 and $ 300 where prices vary according to the doctor and medical centers and the nature of the health problem.

Addresses and telephone of ambulance and emergency services of the European Hospital in Moscow:

  • Central telephone for all branches of the European Hospital: +74952413952
  • 35 Shabkina Street
  • Orlovsky Beriolog 7
  • Spiridonovski Beriulug 5/1
  • Trivonovskaya Street 26.

Moscow has four major airports:

1 - Domodedovo: (Qatar Airways Airport Flights to Moscow)

Address: The airport is located in Domodedovo area on the outskirts of Moscow (42 km south of Moscow city center), postal code 142045, Airport area is located on street number 1. Tel: + 74959336666

Website: www.aeroport-domodedovo.ru


2 - Sheremetyevo (1):

Address: Leningradsky Chase, Khimki City, Moscow area, Russia, postal code 103340.

Tel: +74952326565

Website: http://www.svo.aero


3 - Sheremetyevo (2):

Address: Leningradsky Chase, Khimki City, Moscow area, Russia, postal code 103340.

Tel: +7495956666

Website: http://www.svo.aero


4. Venukovo:

Address: 12 Pervaya Rysovaya St., Moscow, Russia, post code 119027.

Tel: +74959335555,

Website: http://www.vnukovo.ru


The four airports operate domestic flights (to Russian cities) and to the former Soviet republics. Sheremetyevo (2), Domodedovo and Fnukovo airports are international airports. These airports are connected to the Aero Express Rail network, through which you can reach Moscow city center in 35 minutes or use the airport car rental offices.

Note: Immediately when you leave the landing area, directly you will find drivers offering you their services persistently, our advice is not to bother them and try to ignore them.


Moscow has nine train stations for both domestic and external transportation: 

1 - Belorusskaya Station:

Trains to and from Berlin, Warsaw, London, Vilnius, Minsk, Smolensk, Brest.

Address: Tverskaya Zastava Square Metro "Belorusskaya",

Tel: + 74959738191


2 - Kivskaya station:

Trains to and from Budapest, Bucharest, Prague, Sofia, Kiev, Odessa.

Address: Kivsky Square, Fuksal Metro, Kievskaya,

Tel: +74952622843


3 - Kurskaya station:

Trains to and from the cities of the Caucasus, Crimea, Kharkov, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Tula, Kursk, Ariol.

Address: Zamlinwei Fall 29, formerly Chakalova Street, Kurski Square Fuksal Metro "Kurskaya"

Tel: +7495266482


4. Yaroslavskaya station:
Trains to and from Siberia and the Far East.

Address: Komsomolskaya Square 5, Komsomolskaya Metro,

Tel: +74952665595


5 - Kazanskaya Station:

Trains to and from Volvograd, Rostov on the Don River, Kazan, Siberia, Central Asian Republics.

Address: Komsomolskaya Square 2, Komsomolskaya Metro,

Tel: +74952662843


6. Leningradskaya station:

Trains from and to Helsinki (Finland), Tallinn (Estonia), Novgorod, Kalinin, Murmansk, St. Petersburg.

Address: Komsomolskaya Square 3, Komsomolskaya Metro,

Tel: +7492624281


7 - Paviletskaya Station:

Trains to and from Volvograd and Donets Basin.

Address: 1 Paviletskaya Square, Paviletskaya Metro,

Tel: +74952330040


8 - Regskaya Station:

Trains to and from the Baltic States (Lithuania - Latvia - Estonia).

Address: Regzkaya Square, Regskaya Metro,

Tel: + 74952661372


9. Saviolovskaya station

Trains to and from Oglic and St. Petersburg.

Address: Piazza Saviolovskie Vukzal Subavolovskaya Metro,

Tel: +74952859000



  • To inquire about train arrival and departure times, call the Central Railway Information Office. Tel: +74952669333
  • To buy tickets go to Intourist at 13 Mukhovaya Street, Tel: +74954922450 
  • Tickets can also be purchased at train stations directly.

Car rental services are provided by Avis, Europcar, Hertz and Sext (pre-booking only). The offices of these companies are located in the arrivals hall of the international flight building.